Unique Recipes from Executive Chef Adrian Buttigieg

with exclusive wine pairings from Delicata winery

The above photos were taken during a tasting session hosted by our Executive Chef, Adrian Buttigieg, for Mr Georges Meekers, a wine expert and Head of Sales of Delicata Winery. The duo shared the dish over a selection of Delicata wines, comparing notes, each of them savouring the combination of the Vitello Tonnato, a dish served regularly at Taro, & Delicata’s range of Medina wines. Mr Meekers wrote a piece on the tasting in his journal, which can be found on the Delicata winery website.
Discover below is the list of ingredients used to create the Chef’s delicious Vitello Tonnato.

chef adrian buttigieg taro restaurant

Vitello Tonnato Ingredients

  • 100g of veal carpaccio, seasoned with preserved lemon & oil
  • Tuna belly chunks
  • Petit salad
  • Basil sponge cake
  • Garlic aioli
  • Tomato & Caper marmalade
  • Caper berry slices & air-dried cherry tomatoes

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